You’ve got questions – we’ve got answers.

If you have a question that’s not addressed below, please contact us. Our team is happy to answer any questions that you may have!

The single biggest benefit is one point of responsibility for design and build that allows you, the client a highly efficient and cost effective approach to construction. This removes significant risk.

Few builders understand the design element – Paul does – and with a background as a designer and Ken’s experience and eye to superb detail, we bring value from a design team which has carried a set of tools. That is a spectacular difference.

JND Design & Build’s model is based on low overhead. There is not a studio with leather chairs and an espresso machine. Our team will work with you one-on-one to ensure every dollar of your budget in invested effectively. It is what we would want from our business partner – we believe it is what our clients expect too. Contact us today and see the difference.

Let JND Design & Build Inc. take the worry of City Hall off your task list.

We are experienced in dealing with city and municipal professionals and can provide them with the paperwork, drawings and answers they require to get your project going.

The best part of a renovation is being involved yourself.  If you wish to dive into this project, we think that is fantastic and can be enjoyable for you.

On the other side, we have clients who ask us to take the lead and we are just as happy to do that. 

Either way, we never forget that is your choice and we welcome your direction and involvement in your investment – and it is a personal investment of your time, money and emotion. Contact us for an initial consultation – the beginning of an exciting journey.

Have full confidence you are dealing with committed professionals. JND Design & Build Inc. carries $2,000,000 of business liability insurance. 

  • Solutions and design expertise.

  • Quality work with attention to detail

  • Great value and trustworthiness – and a simple laid out process so you know exactly where you stand in your budget and renovation planning.

  • We take the time to clean our site at the end of the day, our team is in uniform and communicate with you to better understand what your expectations are… and if you want us to let your dog out occasionally, we are okay with that.